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Getting it Under Control

It seems things are finally really settling in from the start of the new semester, or at least, I’m getting a routine down. It always takes a little while between major shifts in schedules for the dust to settle, and in the time between, things can get out of hand. I don’t think I’ve vacuumed …

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Friday, Wonderful Friday

The one admirable thing about my fall class schedule is that I’m finished with class by 11:10 Friday mornings. Which means I have a great deal of a day to get things done left after. Starting with laundry. For whatever reason, I really hate doing laundry on Fridays. I don’t know what it is- maybe …

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Breaking Point

Finally made it to winter break- four final exams down, and only one grade listed in the system, but so far, I did well this past semester. It wasn’t the worst pile of homework I’ve ever had, nor was it my easiest, and there were both hardships and poor scholarship that follow most of us …

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Wednesday Already? Sheesh!

Where has the week gone? Two midterms, a presentation, a field trip, and an event with the student group I co-coordinate- had to stop and think for a minute this evening to remember what day it was. And as happens when I get that busy, the apartment is in complete disarray. So I’m indulging in …

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Busy weekend + 14 hours of work over 2 days + Physics capstone exam #1 = UGH! Can’t make myself study right now, so we’re trading in that 6am run for 6am studying instead. And the husband is getting up and making me breakfast. Hooray! Now, if only I could get those equations to stick…(and …

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Sunday-Evening Clean

What to do on a Sunday evening after a whirlwind Saturday out of the house and with a small pile of homework-related tasks to see to…hmm… Procrastinate by doing something else that needs doing, of course! Since I’m just not quite in the mood for homework yet, I’m going to get going on the REAL …

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Old Habits

With the return of the school year and the strange scheduling that accompanies full-time studenthood, I see the shift in my daily routine and timing of various chores. Instead of having a nice, measured pattern to certain things- dishes, laundry, the bathroom, a quick vacuuming- everything goes up in the air until I find a …

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