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Kittens of Mass Destruction

One thing is certain: having kittens makes you much more cautious about what you leave lying where. Storm and Veda seem to find whatever will make the largest mess and play with it or play-fight right on top of it, ensuring its scattering. Can’t even leave things on the table just yet, as we’re in …

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To continue with the plant theme of the Transplanting post… Welcome back to Stardust. Some of you who stopped by between the Transplanting post and now may have seen the new look already. I must say, it’s much better than I’d anticipated a tweaked theme to come out- a little color adjustment, a photo of …

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The One

I have found the house I want to grow old in. And we’re lucky- it’s for sale, and for cheap.We just need to look good enough to a bank and make sure we can actually pay for it for as much of the mortgage as we can plan for (Michigan being how it is and …

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