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MYO: Deodorant/Antiperspirant

Since we’ve been on a seriously restricted budget, I’ve muddled around several make-your-own recipes and substitutions for various household and personal care items. But this has by far exceeded my expectations, and I will never buy deodorant again (unless I somehow forget to pack this stuff and we’re traveling, then probably, if I don’t just …

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When Love Hurts

Many of my friends and family are unaware that I was in an abusive relationship prior to Ryan. He didn’t hit me, so there were no bruises to cover. He yelled at me, screamed for things I had nothing to do with. Made little digs that weren’t quite insults, but stung like they were. And …

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Getting it Under Control

It seems things are finally really settling in from the start of the new semester, or at least, I’m getting a routine down. It always takes a little while between major shifts in schedules for the dust to settle, and in the time between, things can get out of hand. I don’t think I’ve vacuumed …

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Diagnosis: Annoying

This is going to be another somewhat “icky” post, involving medical stuff. You have all now been fairly warned. I’ll also apologize for somewhat of a “downer” post off-the-bat. Been going to various doctors’ appointments lately (which is so very, very irritating when you’re trying to fit it in between classes and work!) to find …

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Sick Days

I hate them. It’s not just the being sick part that bothers me; it’s the complete lack of productivity that comes with it. I tend to be over being sick pretty quickly, as I do give myself the rest time to just let my body deal with it whenever I can, but the time I …

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