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21 Day Challenge: Days 6-10

Recap of where we’ve been so far: Junk Drawer Computer desk, Tupperware cabinet, (linen closet), under the kitchen sink Days 6-10 included the dresser drawers, the pantry, the coat closet, toys, and the laundry room, respectively. Now, to be fair, I don’t actually have three out of five of these things. No pantry, no kids …

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Day 1 of 21: Junk Drawer

Got my week’s homework (everything I can without further inputs from classmates, that is) done earlier than anticipated, and celebrated by getting started on the 21 Day Organizing Challenge. Day 1 is the junk drawer, and since I already did it (after a cursory glance to confirm it had remained organized!) I decided to take …

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21-Day Challenge (From A Bowl Full of Lemons)

Since we have roughly 21 days left to the semester (counting weekends), I figured that giving the organizing challenge from A Bowl Full of Lemons a try was a good use of it and a good way to help keep my sanity intact through finals. And a good way of leaving myself less opportunity to …

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Kitchen Inspiration

Alright, alright- so being stuck home with dry socket (only 5% of all tooth extractions get it. Lucky me.) that’s ridiculously painful and results in me not being able to really concentrate on much, even with pain meds, has led to me wandering blogs. Let me introduce you to IHeart Organizing. The lack of a …

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Giveaway Alert

Stumbling around my usual cyber haunts, I came across the beautiful Order Matters blog. She’s hosting a giveaway in honor of her recent pantry makeover, here. You’ve got to follow the blog, and like it on Facebook, then tell her in a comment what you’d do with the prize. The prize is an hour of …

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So Me

This blogging, on the blog of my favorite magazine, is on one of my favorite topics. I am the List Queen. I live by lists. No, really. This article is so me. I make lists for everything- from the mundane and typical grocery list to the categorization of my shoe collection, to things I detested …

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