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Brilliant Storage for Hair Pretties

Struggling with stashing your little girl’s hair accessories? So was I- until I had this flash of genius!


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Starting my Bullet Journal

There’s this phenomenon sweeping parts of the internet (I say “parts” because it seems to still be fairly under-the-radar, even on Pinterest) called the Bullet Journal. I’m not going to go into it too much; I’d really rather refer you to the original and let you explore from there. For me, stumbling on it was like …

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I know I’m about a year late to the party on this one, but in my Pinterest adventures, I recently stumbled upon the KonMari method of tidying up, and Oh. My. Gosh. It’s a self-titled method by Marie Kondo, a Japanese decluttering expert (I think we call them professional organizers here, for the most part), …

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Day 2/40: Checking In

Day 2 of my 40 Days of Cleaning adventure and we’re on track (and will even be a little ahead, but I’ll get to that). I knocked out the bathroom cabinets yesterday, and did the tea cupboard today, tossing more than I’d thought out of each and completely neglecting to take pictures of anything. Ah …

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40 Days of Cleaning

I’ve been having the nesting urge lately, and since we don’t really need to acquire hardly anything for this baby, it’s expressing itself in a need to reorganize and take inventory. In my Pinterest wanderings, I came across a couple blogs along the lines of “40 Bags in 40 Days,” about making a list of …

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Day 1 of 21: Junk Drawer

Got my week’s homework (everything I can without further inputs from classmates, that is) done earlier than anticipated, and celebrated by getting started on the 21 Day Organizing Challenge. Day 1 is the junk drawer, and since I already did it (after a cursory glance to confirm it had remained organized!) I decided to take …

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Kitchen Inspiration

Alright, alright- so being stuck home with dry socket (only 5% of all tooth extractions get it. Lucky me.) that’s ridiculously painful and results in me not being able to really concentrate on much, even with pain meds, has led to me wandering blogs. Let me introduce you to IHeart Organizing. The lack of a …

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Giveaway Alert

Stumbling around my usual cyber haunts, I came across the beautiful Order Matters blog. She’s hosting a giveaway in honor of her recent pantry makeover, here. You’ve got to follow the blog, and like it on Facebook, then tell her in a comment what you’d do with the prize. The prize is an hour of …

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