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Getting Prepared

One of the things I do to take my mind off being sick when I’m too sick to do anything productive is read- books, magazines, internet articles; anything I can. Today, for some reason, I chose to read “Things I Wish I Knew About Childbirth (/pregnancy/newborns/etc) Before” articles. Nobody panic- it’s still down the road …

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We’re in the Paper!

Our friend Nyssa wrote an article for the Lansing City Pulse this last week on our advice for engaged couples/people considering marriage, and it’s great. Just thought I’d put it out there, since it’s such a cute photo of us and all 🙂

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While I love my husband dearly, and his absence does make it harder to sleep, I’m looking forward to the ability to stretch out tonight. And to knowing I’ll wake up with the blankets I started with. That’s something I really don’t think enough young couples pay attention to, or that single friends know about …

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Went to our first NFP (Natural Family Planning) class yesterday evening, and overall, I’m rather impressed.Our teaching couple and the class itself were a bit less dynamic and interactive than I’d hoped for, but as for the method itself, I don’t have the doubts I did before. It’s a scientific approach to using what you’ve …

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