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Something, Something, on the Walls

Found a new challenge of our new space: wall art. Well, not so much that it’s a new challenge as it hadn’t occurred to me before, really. We have a collection of posters (framed decently) and some self-assembled art from our dorms and the Spartan Village apartment, but, well…most of it is Magic: the Gathering …

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Guess What We Got!

That’s right- bookshelves! My wonderful mother-in-law bought us a pair of bookshelves (must have gotten sick of hearing me whine about it, haha!), and they are now standing proudly in place, waiting to be filled. I put them together Tuesday and Wednesday nights with the help of Stormaggedon, seen on the right shelf there. I …

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My Kingdom for Some Bookshelves!

GAAAAH! *Ahem* Sorry for that little outburst…but this lack of bookshelves is driving me crazy. If we can just get two, six-foot-tall, 5-shelf bookcases, we’ll have ample storage for what’s waiting for them, and some space for decorative items as well (which are now taking up a box, or scattered haphazardly atop the mantle- though …

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To continue with the plant theme of the Transplanting post… Welcome back to Stardust. Some of you who stopped by between the Transplanting post and now may have seen the new look already. I must say, it’s much better than I’d anticipated a tweaked theme to come out- a little color adjustment, a photo of …

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Last night in the Spartan Village apartment- and I have to say, I’m only a little sorry to see it go. Really, it’s more the attachment to the university and the part of the state I’ve lived my whole life in- where all the zip codes are 488XX -than to the apartment itself, or even …

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Hello there…I’m Mandy. You may remember me from last month’s posts. I’ve got this blog here, and… Yes, I’ve been gone a while. After saying I was going to be posting more often. Sorry about that- it’s just been utter chaos over here for, well, the last month. Let me catch you up a little. …

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Oops- I Missed!

I missed an entry yesterday because I fell asleep before I managed to get out of the recliner again! Guess all the cleaning and dashing about wore me right out. The apartment is decently clean now, and I’ve purchased a couple of letter boxes. Our local Meijer has a lot of the organizational supplies on …

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