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Brilliant Storage for Hair Pretties

Struggling with stashing your little girl’s hair accessories? So was I- until I had this flash of genius!


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The Bedtime Paradox

I’ll be honest: I love being home with my girls. I love that my job is raising them, teaching them, and providing them  with the sort of love and attention they couldn’t possibly get anywhere else. But I spend plenty of days counting the hours and praying for bedtime. Mostly courtesy of my oldest, and …

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From Day One: a Nursing Story

In honor of World Breastfeeding Week, I wanted to tell you a story. This is the story of my own breastfeeding journey. If you are opposed to things such as nursing in public, nursing until two years old, or pumping at work, you may wish to turn around now. It’s no amazing saga- really, we …

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Getting Prepared

One of the things I do to take my mind off being sick when I’m too sick to do anything productive is read- books, magazines, internet articles; anything I can. Today, for some reason, I chose to read “Things I Wish I Knew About Childbirth (/pregnancy/newborns/etc) Before” articles. Nobody panic- it’s still down the road …

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