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Sweet Little Sugar Scrub

I promised this 2 posts ago, I know. But it’s so simple and so nice, you’ll forgive me 🙂 I want to apologize for a lack of photos right off the bat, here- I was in a rush to make it during nap time and didn’t take any. But I’ll take some of the finished …

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2011’s Last

New Year’s Eve, after 11 but before 12, and what am I doing? Baking at home while Ryan plays WoW. Opted for a quiet night at home rather than going out and getting into mischief. Plus there’s the Coon family Christmas tomorrow, and I had cookies to bake! 2011 was one of those years where …

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Holiday Hustle

Hello again! I know, I know- I still haven’t finished those 21-Day Challenge posts. I’ve been lazy about getting the photos up, and busy with all the Christmas hubbub after finals finished. Shopping to finish, cookies to make, cards to go out, gifts to wrap- you know, the usual. It’s been fantastic so far, though. …

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Wish List Conundrum

Happy Black Friday, everyone! I hope those of you who went out were successful in your quests, and those of you who stayed in enjoyed the peace and quiet/sleep. I found my perfect pair of brown boots and snagged the last pair in my size (the lady responsible for stocking them had just put it …

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Halloween Rant

I love this time of year- I know I’ve said that about fall in general already; but this time when the dark quiet of the winter settles over us here in the northern hemisphere is one of my favorites. But parents on Halloween confuse me. There are the paranoid ones- where they let their kids …

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