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Thanksgiving 2011

It’s that time of year again- Christmas carols invading our ears in stores with the turkey not even defrosted yet. It’s a time of traditions and gathering of friends and family, and for us, still young in our marriage, it’s a time of sorting those things out. Because between the two of us, we have …

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Practice Pie

I’ve got a little Thanksgiving gathering I’m going to this evening, and took it as an opportunity to make a pie. Well, not make-make; I didn’t cut up a bunch of fruit and swirl it together with sugar and spices and whatnot, I opened a can of filling. But I did make the crust- I …

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An Entertaining Attempt

I’m hosting a little get-together for a few friends to continue celebrating my birthday tomorrow evening. Hopefully we don’t have more than 10 show up…I don’t even have chairs/space for more than six or seven to sit at a time! But if I do get a small crowd, it’ll be a good test of our …

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Part of domestic life is supposedly entertaining. Not mine, apparently. Not anymore, that is. I just don’t feel like we have the space to have people over. And that is incredibly sad, because as antisocial as I can be sometimes, I am an enthusiastic and excellent hostess. I’m especially good at the casual get-together. I …

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