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The Cookie Update

It’s a chocolate-chip invasion in my kitchen right now. I used the recipe out of the Better Homes & Gardens plaid cookbook, except that I accidentally put in twice the butter because I got it mixed up mentally with the Tollhouse bag recipe. Oops! But that didn’t seem to bother them any. They progressed just …

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Pre-Final Jot

I’ve got about 10 minutes before I head out to my microeconomics final, and I remembered I said I’d review the pickles I posted about making previously. They’re pretty good. They do lack a certain sharpness I’m so used to tasting with pickles, but that’s probably the missing onion. They are slightly less “dilly” than …

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Pickle Break!

I took a break from my cleaning and general insanity (hah- as if) this evening to make pickles. Not quite “real” pickles, but quick pickles, with no boiling, no canning, and a one-week keep time. I just wanted to try it out. I love pickles, and it’s kind of hard to find any I can …

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