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Day 2/40: Checking In

Day 2 of my 40 Days of Cleaning adventure and we’re on track (and will even be a little ahead, but I’ll get to that). I knocked out the bathroom cabinets yesterday, and did the tea cupboard today, tossing more than I’d thought out of each and completely neglecting to take pictures of anything. Ah …

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Hello Again

Wow, has it been 2 years (or, as I tend to think of time now, 26 months) already? That was quite a hiatus we had there, wasn’t it? So much has changed. The brightest of which: I am a mother now, to a beautiful girl whose first birthday passed us in August just now. She …

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On Hiatus

I’ve come to the conclusion that, while I enjoy posting and am gathering a bit of a following beyond my friends and family, the blog and I are in need of a break. Not because of any strain, really, it’s just that we still don’t have the internet at home, and that makes posting with …

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The Wheel Turns

The wheel in the sky keeps on turnin’ I don’t know where I’ll be tomorrow Wheel in the sky keeps on turnin’ -Journey, Wheel in the Sky Some upturns and some downturns here on this side of the blog. Ryan lost the primary, gathering at last count 38% of the vote in the district, which …

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Oops- I Missed!

I missed an entry yesterday because I fell asleep before I managed to get out of the recliner again! Guess all the cleaning and dashing about wore me right out. The apartment is decently clean now, and I’ve purchased a couple of letter boxes. Our local Meijer has a lot of the organizational supplies on …

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Here to Stay

After mucking around with a few blogging sites, I’ve found that this one is by far my favorite. It looks better, it’s easy to use, and I can do nifty things with my photos. My flower looks fantastic in my header, if I do say so myself. Nice, natural symmetry. I also decided what I’m …

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Just playing

Playing around with WP for a while before I decide if I want to shift my blog here or not. We’ll see.

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