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Day 2/40: Checking In

Day 2 of my 40 Days of Cleaning adventure and we’re on track (and will even be a little ahead, but I’ll get to that). I knocked out the bathroom cabinets yesterday, and did the tea cupboard today, tossing more than I’d thought out of each and completely neglecting to take pictures of anything. Ah …

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21 Day Challenge: Days 11-15

Recap of where we’ve been so far: Junk Drawer Computer desk, Tupperware cabinet, (linen closet), under the kitchen sink Dresser drawers, pantry, coat closet, toys,  laundry room Days 11-15 included the freezer, the spice cabinet, the medicine cabinet, under the bathroom sink, and medicine/vitamin storage , respectively. I put these together because they’re all pretty …

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