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Brilliant Storage for Hair Pretties

Struggling with stashing your little girl’s hair accessories? So was I- until I had this flash of genius!


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Mac n’ Cheese: A Love Story

Guys…I freaking love mac n’ cheese. In all its forms- the heartwarming comfort-food made with a roux and extra love, the restaurant trying to make it worth the $11 they’re asking for it, the Velveeta stuff that’s not really even cheese…even the stuff in the blue box that’s the food equivalent of a hotel that …

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I Actually Took Her Toys

My oldest is 3.5, and that’s enough for any mother that’s been there to sigh and begin nodding sympathetically at this point. This means that she’s caught in that interesting point of childhood between gaining responsibilities and testing every possible boundary. She is expressing herself, and finding how she fits in this great big world …

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Review: Stretch Mark Cream

This is going to be something a little different than what I’ve done before- a product review. Don’t worry; it’s honest. I did get a nice discount on the product, but the opinions are my own after my use of it. It also contains affiliate links, which means that, at no extra cost to you, …

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Whose Plan is it, Anyway?

“…You saw the fields laid bare and wasted, And weary winter coming fast, And cozy here, beneath the blast, You thought to dwell, Till crash! the cruel plough passed Out through your cell. That small heap of leaves and stubble, Has cost you many a weary nibble! Now you are turned out, for all your …

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The First Snow

There’s something about the first snow of the season that makes me feel…contemplative? Snug? Nostalgic? I’m not sure the word I’m looking for, really- it’s a combination of all those things. And not just the first snow, or even the first snow that sticks- it’s got to be the first snow inside December, or all …

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My Bullet Journal: A Review

So a month in, I sat down and evaluated my new planner (see previous post for my problems with saying “Bullet Journal”) for efficacy. I was 17 pages and several different layouts, collections, trackers, and logs in, and more or less, it was going well. What Worked Meal Plan layout. I’d formulated a simple design …

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Starting my Bullet Journal

There’s this phenomenon sweeping parts of the internet (I say “parts” because it seems to still be fairly under-the-radar, even on Pinterest) called the Bullet Journal. I’m not going to go into it too much; I’d really rather refer you to the original and let you explore from there. For me, stumbling on it was like …

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MYO: Deodorant/Antiperspirant

Since we’ve been on a seriously restricted budget, I’ve muddled around several make-your-own recipes and substitutions for various household and personal care items. But this has by far exceeded my expectations, and I will never buy deodorant again (unless I somehow forget to pack this stuff and we’re traveling, then probably, if I don’t just …

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The Bedtime Paradox

I’ll be honest: I love being home with my girls. I love that my job is raising them, teaching them, and providing them  with the sort of love and attention they couldn’t possibly get anywhere else. But I spend plenty of days counting the hours and praying for bedtime. Mostly courtesy of my oldest, and …

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