Writings from my little corner of modern domesticity.


Stardust is my internet home, filled with musings and rants and little tidbits centered around home and domestic adventures.It was born as a place for me to share the building of a home and a family as my husband and I set out on our adventure as an unconventional young couple.

We married during college- over Spring Break 2010 -throwing aside the conventional wisdom of the time to wait until diplomas were dispensed, jobs attained, and financial stability secured. It was a small ceremony that launched us into a whole new world, and one into which few people just over the cusp of 20 venture these days. I wasn’t even old enough to drink when we married! But we knew what we wanted and we knew we were going to get there, so we took that and our love and we ran with it, and it’s been a journey I could barely describe-  one I can’t imagine having missed. We made a very traditional decision in a very non-traditional way, and that echoes its way into our lives and spills out here, on Stardust, where I share my take on domesticity in the 21st century.

So welcome to Stardust, and welcome to the adventure!



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