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Brilliant Storage for Hair Pretties

Anyone with little girls knows what a struggle it can be to keep their hair accessories tidy. Even moreso when you want them corralled, but accessible.

Well, I’ve found what may just be the *perfect* solution! Everything tidy, accessible, and visible- easy for you and your child (if you want) to see and grab exactly the right hair pretty for the occasion. And it’s a simple repurpose with zero skill involved.

It’s a shower caddy.

Shower caddy pretty storage

I mean, just look at that. We’ve got headbands, little clips, big bows, hair ties, combs- all in the same convenient place. And all it took to make it work was a Command hook and one little bin (for the hair ties and those metal bendy clips). Depending on the caddy you pick, you might not even need the little bin. I cannot believe how long it took me to figure this out- one of those “Duh!” moments when it came to me, though, haha. Probably because we don’t use them in our showers…but anyway-

If you wanted, you could even jazz it up a bit- I’ve been meaning to give mine a nice coat of spray paint. Maybe add some ribbons wrapped around the frame, or a faux flower or lovely pouf to hide the Command hook at the top. Put a nice drawer pull in the wall if you’d rather- I’m not 100% sure this is in the place I want it to be, so I used a less damaging method of hanging it in case I want it moved later, but I think it’d be lovely with a gorgeous little crystal-esque knob up there instead.

This one is hung above my girls’ dresser, at a height where the oldest can reach the bottom level and many of the second tier’s clips on her own, but I like that I can take it down easily to let her pick from higher up or to have her help me tidy it up a bit, or to let my toddler pick her own, too. And, since I used the Command hook, if I find they’re making a mess with it, I can just shift it higher on the wall so they can’t play in it anymore.

So there you have it: a brilliant, simple solution to the hair-pretty struggle! Enjoy your new sense of order!



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