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Review: Stretch Mark Cream

This is going to be something a little different than what I’ve done before- a product review. Don’t worry; it’s honest. I did get a nice discount on the product, but the opinions are my own after my use of it. It also contains affiliate links, which means that, at no extra cost to you, I get a percentage of the sale from Amazon if you purchase through my link. Like, anything- doesn’t even have to be what I linked, so long as you order from the same tab you originally opened my link in within 24 hours. Pretty cool, huh?

I’ve got two kids. So I’ve got stretch marks- and really, I don’t mind them. They don’t bother me to look at, and I don’t care if they bother anyone else. They are lines that tell the story of my motherhood- of the changes my body has undergone in building our family and bringing two beautiful girls into the world.


Exhibit A: 2 beautiful girls, as previously mentioned. 

But, I have always been curious about how well these things work, because it seems there’s a thousand stretch mark creams and remedies out there and they all pretty much promise the same thing. I do tend to use it more often during pregnancy than after, as the skin stretching can itch in the last trimester and keeping my belly moisturized helps- but the ones I’ve tried before haven’t seemed to make a difference in terms of stretch mark outcome.

This one in particular I wanted to try out, because it has a comparatively natural ingredients list and promised an “invigorating lemon scent,” as opposed to the slightly odd cocoa/Shea butter scent most such creams have. I know- who doesn’t like the smell of cocoa butter? Well, me- when I’m putting it on all the time. It just starts to smell weird to me. But I also didn’t want something artificially scented, because sometimes those make me sneezy (and that’s not always good when you’ve had two large babies delivered naturally- mamas get me on this one).

Anyway, so the cream I tested out was Say Yes to Vitality’s Stretch Mark Cream. It comes in a little 4oz. tub, a little larger than your standard pot of hair wax/pomade, and it does indeed smell like lemon! A nice lemon; not like, Pledge lemon. The texture is nice- smooth and not greasy, as promised- and it rubs in nicely. So as a lotion, it’s a total win as far as I’m concerned.

Now, as for the stretch mark reduction promises, I was less easily convinced. I didn’t want to rely on my subjective judgement and tired mom eyes, so I took pictures.

And wow, I have to say- it came through. There are some lighter ones it was hard to catch on camera (I did make the photos black and white, because it showed the difference better, and put them together, but they have otherwise been unedited), but overall, I am sold.


Yes, that’s really my belly. Both of them. 

You can see there’s a HUGE difference. This was with twice-daily application over two weeks. Some days I even forgot in the morning. Not shabby at all. There are some deeper, darker ones on the underside of my belly that were hard to photograph and have been more resistant to the cream, but those appear to be lighter as well, though still present.

The cream goes on sale frequently, and if you’re at all self-conscious about your stretch marks anywhere, I’d say it’s worth a go.  I probably won’t buy it again for a while- a little goes a long way, and I won’t need it until I’m pregnant again and getting the itchy-belly feeling. But, given how well it works, how nice it is just as a lotion, and the ingredients list, I’ll happily slather it all over my next bump!


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