Writings from my little corner of modern domesticity.

Getting it Together

I’ve been mulling over the idea of a weekly cleaning schedule for a bit (thanks, Pinterest- you’re a bad influence :p ) and in a test run, I think this is what will work out best for us (me) right now.

Monday: vacuum and sweep
Tuesday: laundry
Wednesday: kitchen
Thursday: downstairs
Friday: upstairs
Saturday: laundry
Sunday: bathrooms

All of these will still get spot-checks, of course- like cleaning up after dinner in the kitchen and general toy/book pickup throughout the week, but the idea of giving a space a specific day is that it gives me focus to really get on that area- making sure my ducks are in a row, so to speak, and helping me avoid the ADD that plagues my cleaning. Well, not so much my ADD as the motherhood-induced ADD; you know, the start something –> toddler needs you –>somebody calls –> toddler fell and needs a hug –> it’s naptime already –> wait, I should eat something –> …what was I doing?. Yeah…that’s how I go up to bed at night, only to find that all the stuff I’d put on the bed in the midst of cleaning/reorganizing something is still on the bed- and then it ends up in its own pile that then makes something else that needs attention. Urgh.

Anyway…so this is what I was thinking with that list…
Laundry is pretty much already on Tuesday and Saturday, except for diaper laundry, which falls in wherever it’s needed, though I could probably schedule that, too.
I like the idea of vacuuming/sweeping on Monday to start the week off on a clean slate- since these activities include picking up the floors.
Sundays Ryan is home and I can get his help on the bathrooms (especially since my baby belly gets in the way of me doing the shower/tub these days, and the toilets are his job).
The rest are honestly kind of random picks- just an area to a day, keeping things in order and my focus from drifting.

Today, however, downstairs is sharing its spotlight with packing up and doing a quick tidy everywhere (except the kitchen, which I did yesterday. On schedule- heck yeah!), because at bedtime tonight, we will be on our way to Georgia for the wedding of the best man at ours. I love adventures- especially ones where I’m not driving!


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