Writings from my little corner of modern domesticity.

What Day is it?

I’ll be honest- I’ve lost track of my 40 Days of Cleaning project…these first couple weeks back to school have been a little disorienting for us. Trying to establish a routine with a cranky toddler that misses her daddy is no joke.

It wouldn’t be hard to regather and take stock; it’s just counting, after all. But right now all I know is I’m behind by at least 2 days, so today (and probably the next few, too), I’ve got to try and knock out one bigger task and one 5-minute wonder. The pick so far is trash cans and the front closet…but I’m realizing as I type that the front closet is actually going to require the husband’s cooperation. He’s got coats up the wazoo, and I know he only wears like two of them. Admittedly, in this particular realm, I’m just as guilty- but my extras have been boxed up for more than a year now, so I have full confidence that I can and will live without them. So maybe that particular task will have to wait for the weekend.

The weekend, actually, is part of what’s put me behind. I’ve been too quick to say “yes” to running around town Saturday instead of staying home and taking advantage of an extra pair of hands with Moonbaby to get things accomplished. But not this week- this Saturday is mine!

But anyway…back to work! Have the trashcans done already- though this particular item on the list I’m going to dub “Least Likely to be Noticed,” since I’m probably the only one that was even slightly bothered by the spots and stickiness gathering on the kitchen trash can. That’s alright- it’s shiny and non-smelly now, so I’m happy, and I can cross it off the list!


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