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Day 7/40: Ahead of the game!

Day 7 of my 40 Days of Cleaning and I’ve got 7 things done- and I haven’t even done one today yet. Maybe I put too many little things on there after all…we’ll see.

I’ll admit to a little cheating upstairs, though. See, I had the dresser, bookshelf, and dressing table (also known as the “crap collector” for that room) as separate items, but as I started working on the table, I realized that the three of them are really sort of part of the same system. To really clean one up, I had to at least putter around the other two. So I focused in on the dressing table and bookshelf and spread the work over the last two days. I’m pretty pleased with the result, there. I didn’t take any “before” photos because it was seriously just a mess and I was rather embarrassed about some of the stuff sitting around.
But here’s my afters:

20150907_141357 20150907_141253I know there’s a pile of clothes still hanging out on the lower shelf of the bookshelf- it’s temporary. Those are all my fall/winter maternity tops waiting for their chance in the closet. Once they move, I’ll have open space on that shelf that I’m sure I’ll relocate something to somewhere in the next 33 days. This particular bookshelf really just needed a dusting and tidying- I think I only relocated one item off of it, and that was to stash a pile of mostly sentimental papers (cards and the like) in my nightstand.

The dressing table, however, is really rather a fabulous transformation. That red/wicker basket you see on the bookshelf there used to occupy the space of the photo frame (which will be filled shortly), and it was just a crap magnet. It’s still kind of a miscellaneous bin; but it’s in a closed area and more manageable now- plus, 95% of the stuff in it is the husband’s, so…I kind of can’t purge it myself in good conscience. Between the existing bin of miscellany and the position right by the door, this table caught whatever sundry items needed depositing when we came upstairs, and it was driving me crazy. I’d much rather have the space clear, with minimal occupied surface area.
The thought behind keeping the table as clear as possible (the drawer’s even empty- the contents found a new, tidier, and more toddler-proof home in a bin on the dresser) is that it will give me a surface on which to work on sewing projects when I get the chance. I’ll still have to either keep Moonbaby clear or clean up after each session, but at least now I have a place to set up without hauling the machine downstairs and trying to find space on the dining room table. I’d like to find a small stool, or maybe a folding chair, for me to use there and tuck into the corner when it’s not needed.

I also went after the closet tubs on a previous day, and honestly, it was less satisfying than I’d hoped. I was really hoping to ditch a tub or two, but no such luck. If I could find a better storage solution for my few other purses (seriously, like 3- and I don’t change purses often enough to justify having them more easily accessible), I could definitely get rid of one. This is what the tub zone of our closet looks like- there’s only one photo because it didn’t change any (%*$@#!):


It’s not necessarily a LOT of the closet- it just looks cluttered to me. Maybe if they all matched, I’d feel better about it. The top green one holds seasonal decorative items (Christmas, mostly) and some general decorative bits I don’t have anywhere safe to put right now but can’t bear to part with, like my collection of boxes, which I would LOVE to put on display. The red one underneath is blankets- extras for our bed or guests. One blue tote is extra purses (and formerly neckties, which I once needed for work but then ditched), and the other is stuffed animals of mine that I’m holding for the kids. To the far right you can somewhat see my crafting tote- all my little bits like beads and wire, ribbon, a few paints, some patterns, and my interchangeable needle sets. The back left corner has a couple boxes of household stuff we don’t need right now because it’s duplicates of what our roommate has.
I went through each of the tubs (but not the corner boxes) and ditched what I could from each and re-packed them in the hope I might be able to downsize something, but no dice. Ah well- you win some, you lose some. At least I did manage to part with some things from the green bin that, really, I wasn’t all that attached to anymore. So that’s a plus, right?

I am going to have to make a Goodwill run in the next few days- my “get out” stack is getting a bit out of hand now!


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