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September Already?

An adorable little peachy Coreopsis. I'd never seen an orange one before. I know, I know- it’s 6 days in and I’m just catching on. It just hit me this morning that it’s September- as in, the first month of fall, the beginning of an undeniably scholastic time of year.

As long as I can remember, fall has felt very academic to me, even when I haven’t been headed to school myself. It’s a season that demands a slowing down to not only enjoy the changing colors and the cooling weather (and I can’t get enough of the smell of fall, personally), but to find new lessons.

Since I’ve been out of school, this has taken its form in the urge to learn something new or to deepen and expand my knowledge of something already familiar. I mean, that’s basically what you’re doing in a formal education anyway, but outside of a structured  educational system, it means I’m free to choose whatever I please- provided I have the means.

This time, I’m not really sure where I want to go. It would be a fantastic time to work on my photography; get more familiar with my camera. Or do more baking- maybe actually nail down a habit of bread-making and stop buying loaves at the store. Maybe take the opportunity of having pitched all (yes, ALL!) my previous stash of makeup and learn to apply it more skillfully. Or perhaps it’s really time to get friendly with my sewing machine- I do have the fantastic excuse of an incoming baby to sew tiny things for, and tiny things don’t need much material or time, right? So many good options.

Of course, whatever I choose is going to have to also fit around my in-progress 40 Days of Cleaning. I’m making progress and keeping up, but I don’t want to slow down or pause it for my new activity. So nothing I’d need to exclusively use naptime for.


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