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40 Days of Cleaning

I’ve been having the nesting urge lately, and since we don’t really need to acquire hardly anything for this baby, it’s expressing itself in a need to reorganize and take inventory. In my Pinterest wanderings, I came across a couple blogs along the lines of “40 Bags in 40 Days,” about making a list of 40 places in your nest that need some attention. The original post’s intent was to get rid of 40 bags of stuff, one from each area, but that’s not necessarily where this is headed. The posts inspired me to make my own list of places that need cleaning and/or reorganizing, and I’m pretty pleased with the result: 20150902_101438

It’s a decent list (though a terrible photo taken with my phone- I got lazy and didn’t want to type it), I think. I broke down some tasks into multiple points so that I’d have some things that clocked in at half an hour or less of work, since some of them will be larger projects (the closets and clothes, for example). The first 20-ish things were easy, I struggled getting to 30, and had to reach deep for the last three on the list.

I like the idea of this “X Days to Clean” list, because it’s not necessarily a chronological list- you just pick one thing every day to tackle, and if you want and have time, you can do another. Granted, some things on my list should be done in a certain order- I should do my clothes purge before reorganizing the dresser and closet, for example -but overall, I can take on what feels like a good fit for how I’m feeling that day and what sort of time I know I can squeeze out.

I haven’t decided what I’m doing today yet. Probably one of the quick n’ easy ones like the bathroom cabinets (they’re so small there’s not much chance to get over-stuffed or disorganized), since we have rather a lot going on this afternoon/evening. After that, though, I’m going to do my best to knock out the larger projects while Ryan is still off school. Just makes it more efficient and focused if I’m not also wrangling a toddler while trying to sort out a closet, you know?

And at the end of it, I hope to have several nice bags of things to go down to St. Vincent’s. Which, I suppose will be item #41: GET IT OUT! Some drop-offs will occur as I go, as collection zones for things supposed to leave the house are part of the problem- I have a big blue tub of clothes I don’t want in the trunk of the car that will go as part of the Pontiac item on the list, but in the name of saving gas and time, I’d rather make a couple larger drops than a grocery bag here and a stack of books there.

By the end of this list, if I keep to it, we’ll be at about 90 days to baby #2, so I’ll have time to get in another round if I’d like (or feel the need) to further indulge the nesting instinct!




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