Writings from my little corner of modern domesticity.

Lemons…Lemons Everywhere!

Everyone’s heard it: “When life gives you lemons…” (and all its cheeky cousins). We seem to be in a lemon-flavored week here at the Starski house- two cars into the shop within a day of each other, one we’re still waiting to hear back on and one that was in such bad shape that the repair guy called back and told us he couldn’t, in good conscience, fix it, because the car was just not worth the sorts of repairs it needed.

Upside to that is that we’ve found a repair shop we know we can trust (thanks to the recommendation of Ryan’s Grand Knight on that one!). And, well, we rather disliked that vehicle anyway. Definite downside? We’re car-shopping again, less than a year since acquiring the other car that’s also in the shop, and we’re doing so without easy transportation.

But, as my aunt said, it is good timing in many ways. The weather is still warm, I’m only 21 weeks pregnant, and Ryan is still off school and work for the summer. We don’t live in the middle of nowhere- it is approximately a 20-minute walk to our nearest strip of stores, including Meijer, and while our particular bus stop may be inconvenient, we do still have an expansive bus system to use. Which is, thanks to his student status, free for Ryan to ride. It is much better that this happen now rather than, say, a month or two into the future, when the weather has turned cold and I’m much further along (and much larger), or even further into the winter when I may be in labor at any moment. Sure, we had to cancel a couple appointments, a family visit, and a long-awaited reunion with friends for me, and those things are all disappointing, but very much like this baby’s due date falling during the winter break for Western, it is well-timed, all things considered.

If nothing else, it gives us more motivation and fewer excuses against cleaning this place up. We still have boxes hanging out from when we moved in…last September…hrm…


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