Writings from my little corner of modern domesticity.

The Fear of Starting Fresh

I have a confession to make. I have a board on Pinterest that I’ve never used anything off of. I mean anything- not even as a reference or to show someone.

It’s my Starting to Sew board.

I’ve wanted, for the longest time, to learn to sew. On a machine- actual things beyond lumpy, misshapen pillows. But I haven’t. I resolved in- what was it; 2007, maybe? -to sit down and do it, darnit, upon a dear friend’s mother gifting me her practically brand-new (but old) machine that had only been used to sew badges on said dear friend’s Girl Scout uniforms. I’ve used it a handful of times myself, but not on anything of any serious nature- a couple straight(ish) lines here and there making rice-filled cold/hot packs, and my wedding garter.
I even have a pattern stash, and one pattern that I not only bought fabric for, but actually cut out and have all the notions for. But it’s still resting, with the pattern still pinned on the fabric, in the bottom of my craft bin, untouched since college.

It’s not for lack of opportunity- I’ve got a grandmother who’s a wizard on her machine; she makes beautiful quilts and made all my Halloween costumes growing up, and who I’ve lived nearby most of my life. I could easily, I’m sure, have said “Hey, Gamma, can I maybe come over on Tuesdays or something and you teach me how to sew?” and learned quickly. I have very talented and creative friends from college that offered help here and there and who I could have convinced with wine (after the lessons!) to come show me how it’s done.

Don’t get me wrong- I love learning new things. And I can hand-sew- like a boss, in fact. Stitches so tight and even you’d swear I’d used a machine, thanks to the above-mentioned grandmother’s tutelage and patience. She still uses a tiny, lumpy pillow of a pincushion I made when I was younger, and it makes me smile every time I see it out on her sewing table. It just, well, takes so long to hand-sew something like a dress, you know?

But there is something about the machine I find daunting, and I can’t seem to work up the gumption to be self-taught here. I’ve taught myself amazing things with knitting needles, with cooking and baking, with photo editing- but machine sewing…I think it’s that, with those other things, it was all in my head and my hands, and the machine opens up another element that I am just not certain about. That may be it.

I really need to just do it. Maybe I can find a class around here to take that will work with Ryan’s class schedule and make it my anniversary or Mother’s Day present this year.

It would be an excellent skill to have- so many ways it could save (and possibly even make) us money and time. And it would be so nice to finally be able to make use of that Pinterest board!


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