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Sweet Little Sugar Scrub

I promised this 2 posts ago, I know. But it’s so simple and so nice, you’ll forgive me 🙂

I want to apologize for a lack of photos right off the bat, here- I was in a rush to make it during nap time and didn’t take any. But I’ll take some of the finished product later and add them in, and then I’ll do a more detailed update to this post next time I make one with step-by-step shots perfect for pinning.

But it’s super easy, really.

First things first- there are a couple basic ingredients you need:

  • Sugar
  • Oil

…and a few optional add-ins:

  • Essential oil (for scent or therapeutic use)
  • Vanilla or other baking extract (for scent)
  • Honey (naturally anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, which makes it a great option if you have acne/redness issues and smells nice)
  • Cinnamon (for scent or additional scrubby)

Very basically, you are mixing your sugar into your oil at a 3:1 ratio- that means if you use 1c oil, you’re going to need 3c sugar. But that means you’ll have 4c of scrub, so unless you’re intending to make a large batch, go for less- like 1/3c oil and 1c sugar. I didn’t think it through the first time I made mine and now have my little container PLUS a quart sandwich baggie of reserves. D’oh!

To make it more interesting, there are several varieties of sugar and many varieties of oil to choose from. The sugar you can choose more or less based on how coarse you want your scrub- good ol’ store-bought white sugar will be very fine, whereas raw sugar will be very coarse, and brown sugar lands in the middle. Oils wise, basically pick something you (or the person you’re making it for) isn’t allergic to and likes the scent of- olive, sunflower, and coconut* oils are good choices. Don’t be afraid to experiment- try out different sugars with different oils until you find something you love.

I made mine with a combination of brown and white sugar (2:1) because I felt straight brown sugar would be a bit too rough on my face and I didn’t want to make separate face and body batches, and coconut oil
*Now, a word on the coconut oil. It is a solid at room temperature, so to mix it thoroughly, you’re going to have to warm it up. I just microwaved it in the Pyrex measuring cup I was doing this all in (love those things!), which I’m sure makes some of you coconut-nuts cringe 😉 Alternatively, you can do a double-boiler method to bring it up more gently. I figured since I wasn’t ingesting it, not microwaving it wasn’t a big deal- but I digress.

Add-ins are pretty individual, so I’m not going to give solid instruction there- just some tips. I used about 3Tbsp of cinnamon in my 4c batch, if that helps.
If using honey, you may want to substitute it for some of your oil if you intend it to be a large portion of your scrub, otherwise it will make it a little more sloppy in the end. I wouldn’t sub it for any of the coconut oil, though, since in that case it will actually help with using the scrub. More on that later.
Go slowly on the essential oils or extracts if you use them- drop by drop so you don’t overpower your mix is a good plan. If you are adding in essential oils or honey, your best bet is to mix those with the base oil BEFORE adding sugar- that way, they are more evenly mixed and you will have a more homogeneous product. Warming the honey will also help. Cinnamon can go in whenever.

So dump your ingredients together (with the above tips in mind)and give it a good stir. I just used a spoon and it worked fine. If you’re making a HUGE batch or you’re lazy (who isn’t now and again?), feel free to use an electric mixer of some sort. If you have a cold house and you’re using coconut oil, you may want to be quick about it, since it will begin to re-solidify as it cools.

Place your well-combined scrub into the container of your choice, and enjoy! I used a recycled St. Ives facial wipes container for my (intended) use and a plastic baggie for my overflow.

With the coconut oil (told you there’d be more!), since it re-solidifies, you will need to warm it up a bit if you mixed it straight. I find that holding my container under the shower for a minute softens it up enough to dig my fingers into it.

That’s all there is to it- enjoy! Have fun with it- it’s such a cheap and easy thing to make (I mean, you could get crazy with exotic oils and make it expensive, but…) go wild experimenting! I plan on making some for gifts for folks myself.


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