Writings from my little corner of modern domesticity.

Little Tricks

I’ve found over the last year that a lot of surviving motherhood is learning little tricks that work well for your family. One of my favorite is making “fruit on the bottom” oatmeal for Moonbaby.

She loves fruit, but mostly expensive, out-of-season fruit that not many of the rest of us eat- neither Ryan nor I enjoy blueberries, for example. She also likes oatmeal well enough, but never eats much of it on its own. I make her the stovetop stuff, since I don’t trust the list of ingredients on the microwave kind for my baby (but, strangely, continue to eat it myself…pick your battles? Haha). This inevitably makes it rather hot to start with, and she has NO patience to wait once she realizes food is on its way.

To combat both the hot oatmeal and the expensive fruit tastes, I began buying bags of frozen fruit- blueberries, strawberries, and peaches have been favorites. Then, I take a bit of the fruit out of the freezer, put it in the bottom of her oatmeal bowl, and then spoon oatmeal on top of it. This defrosts the fruit and perfectly cools the oatmeal, and everyone wins 🙂 This works out especially well with blueberries, because those are her favorites, and as they defrost they bleed a little blueberry into the oatmeal itself.

So there you have it- my favorite breakfast trick to date. Good enough to eat?

(I couldn’t help myself!)


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