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Apartment Update: Kitchen

The two rooms which saw the most progress in this latest binge-cleaning were undoubtedly the kitchen and bathroom. Since I promised photos of my fridge earlier, I may as well show you the goods, starting with the kitchen, as an unfortunate accident with my camera has lead to a lack of photos for the bathroom.

Bear in mind that I have referred previously also to my micro-kitchen (I think it may be so small as to be called a kitchenette-ette) and coffin-sized shower. While the rest of the apartment is rather spacious, these two parts of it show very definitively A) the nature of the building’s previous life, and B) that it is very much still an apartment and not a house.

The front of the fridge remains my favorite part of the apartment to look at. Cheerful and bright and useful, but not over-cluttered.

We’re going to avoid looking at the inside of it for now, because it’s a dreadful mess, and I haven’t taken the time to shuffle things to fit just yet.

The cupboards, on the other hand, are in decent order. I’m sorry that you can’t see the entirety of their size here, but my kitchen is too small for me to get far enough away to get any of the walls from top to bottom in a single photo. I have to stand on the counter or our three-tiered step stool to reach higher than the second shelf, and have organized the contents accordingly, with less-used items higher.

The drawers were a mixed blessing- on one hand, we got more than we had in the previous apartment, but on the other, we had fewer cupboards and needed to try and replace that space with the drawers. I think we managed pretty well- the far left has our silverware, and as for the middle set there,  they’re organized as follows, top-to-bottom:

  • Frequent-use utensils- stirring spoons, whisks, measuring spoons/dry-measure cups
  • Baking pans/cookie sheets, potholders, dishtowels, and various wraps (Saran, aluminum foil, etc.)
  • “Other”- less-used utensils, plastic baggies, the heating element for the electric griddle, apple corer…
  • Baking: cooling racks, Pyrex measuring cups, muffin pans and bread pans, rolling pin.

The goal was to get the things we used the most in reach without stretching or bending down for them, and for the most part, it worked out. Some re-shuffling is still occurring, as we use or don’t use things, or as Ryan simply decides that’s where things go after he does the dishes, as is sometimes the case.

The only appliance that lives on the counter here is the toaster, and only because it fits so perfectly in the space between the edge of the built-in cutting board and the wall. Everything else is carefully arranged in the cupboard directly under the silverware drawer. When I say “carefully arranged,” what I mean is that I’m pretty much the only person that can get anything out without causing an avalanche, as it’s just one big cavity without any shelves or divisions. Rather obnoxious, but there’s no help for it.

Next to the fridge, we have what used to be our TV stand, which has now turned to being a  microwave stand and pots n’ pans storage. This is also where the kittens eat, as it’s pretty much the only out-of-the-way space in the kitchen. Which is coincidentally the only issue with this storage situation…most of the time, they aren’t interested in the shelves there. But every once in a while, I end up chasing one of them out of the back of the bottom, and once caught Stormaggedon napping in a frying pan- adorable, yes, but…ick. They seem to be getting better, though, much to our relief!

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the kitchen, despite the lack of counter space, the awkwardly-tall cupboards, and the fact that we can’t open the stove and the fridge at the same time, or walk through the kitchen with the stove open. It’s tiny, but it works, and the lack of space just forces us to keep it neat for the most part.


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