Writings from my little corner of modern domesticity.

Some Progress

Alas, I didn’t manage to quite accomplish my project, due to some unforeseen circumstances piling together in the last week, but on my latest day off I did manage to power-clean the kitchen, most of the bathroom, and a good deal of the main room, conquering boxes along the way. (I also measured the windows, in preparation for curtains!)

Not entirely the productive week I’d hoped for, but that one day of basically solid cleaning has leant a tidy feel to the place that makes me feel more at peace with it. I really think if the rest of my week had cooperated (my first mistake for the week!), I would have been uploading piles of photos of an orderly apartment and chattering about all the nifty things I’ve done to get it that way. But instead, I’m sitting here munching clearance-shelf Pirouette cookies while watching my kittens destroy another toy. (Remind me of this later when I say how much I want another…) Oh well- c’est la vie, n’est-ce pas?


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