Writings from my little corner of modern domesticity.

On Hiatus

I’ve come to the conclusion that, while I enjoy posting and am gathering a bit of a following beyond my friends and family, the blog and I are in need of a break.

Not because of any strain, really, it’s just that we still don’t have the internet at home, and that makes posting with regularity extremely awkward to accomplish. So out of fairness to you, dear readers, and to stop the guilt-twinge of not posting, I’m putting Stardust on hold until we acquire internet.

I may still post now and then, as I have been, but for the most part, things will be very, very quiet around here. I’m not going to stop writing- I’m just going to be saving it up for when this is simpler.

I apologize for the lackadaisical posting habits of recent months- I did the math, and at 3 promised posts a week, I owe you all something like 60 or 70 posts. Rest assured that when I come off hiatus, those 3+ posts each week will return, but until then, there are many other lovely blogs out there along the same lines that I enjoy reading, and that I hope you’ll visit in the mean time. Not that you can’t keep reading them when I come back, of course- just that I’d like you to have something to read while I’m gone 🙂

A Bowl Full of Lemons
IHeart Organizing
Simply Notable

So, dear readers, I will return. Not sure when, but I will. And there shall be kitten photos, organizing projects, knitting, and whatnot aplenty!


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