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Something, Something, on the Walls

Found a new challenge of our new space: wall art. Well, not so much that it’s a new challenge as it hadn’t occurred to me before, really. We have a collection of posters (framed decently) and some self-assembled art from our dorms and the Spartan Village apartment, but, well…most of it is Magic: the Gathering centered, and the rest is rather dorm-y. With the exception of my tree poster and Phantom of the Opera poster, which, with frame upgrades, would probably still look nice. But where?

There is some…”wall art” (read: writing on the wall in Sharpie) left from the previous occupants visible under the lovely grey paint in our living room that I’d like to cover up, too. If we’d noticed before we moved in, I’d have asked the landlord to give the place another coat of paint or something, and I’m still going to point it out to him, but I’m not really expecting much in the way of a fix. It’s in rather awkward places, however. Above, next to, and on the door leading out onto the balcony, and above the windows on the same wall. Above the door I could probably put some cute little floral-thing, but the other leftovers are in spaces I haven’t the faintest hint of how to cover.

For reference, I’m talking about these spaces:

(side note: I really need to get a better camera…)

So you see, things are a bit challenging regarding their cover-up. Especially the door, which I think we’re just going to have to repaint. Unless we get some cool decal to cover it up, but there’s the whole dorm-y feel problem with that, too.

It’s not that I don’t like our posters and stuff; it’s just that, well, it’s not quite the feel I’d like in our livingroom. But then again, I’m still rather unsure what sort of feel I’m going for. Suppose I could start with curtains, once I have the time and money to pick some out that we both like, and work from there.

And once that’s conquered, there is still the issue of our non-functional fireplace to attend to. It needs to be cat-safe, attractive (or at least not ugly), and not asinine- preferably also functional, as it’s otherwise going to be wasted space in a small apartment.

Maybe we’ll just put the litter box in there and put a little curtain over it or something. Urgh…

But until I can figure it out (suggestions, anyone, for the walls?), I’ll be browsing 20×, which is this neat little site where you can find cheap wall art by artists trying to get going. Everything’s a limited edition, so you’re not getting mass-produced crap like you’d find at Walmart or Target or whatnot, but art that you aren’t going to find at the neighbor’s or your grandma’s (unless by extremely unlikely chance). But you can get it as low as $20, and that’s great. I’m probably mostly going to use it for inspiration, because I’d really like to commission something from one of my artist friends (or all of them- wouldn’t that be neat?), but it’s hard to do when I don’t know what I want.



  1. what about the wall next to the door? That looks like it is not interupted by windows etc.. ?? good luck thats a tough space xxx Cat

  2. If you’re adding curtains to that window, you can just extend the rail out a bit and it will cover whatever’s on that wall. And behind the dorr, maybe you could add a tall, skinny plant?

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