Writings from my little corner of modern domesticity.

Guess What We Got!

That’s right- bookshelves! My wonderful mother-in-law bought us a pair of bookshelves (must have gotten sick of hearing me whine about it, haha!), and they are now standing proudly in place, waiting to be filled.

I put them together Tuesday and Wednesday nights with the help of Stormaggedon, seen on the right shelf there.

I am so jazzed about putting them to use and getting these freaking boxes out of our apartment…I can’t even say.

As of right now, this photo is a bit dated; I’ve gotten the books and the Magic: The Gathering stuff happily shelved (though the books are still subject to rearrangement) and am merrily contemplating arrangements for the rest of the goods to get settled. Woohoo!

Who ever thought furniture could make a girl so happy?

This also means you all are getting closer to actually seeing a finished place- but for now, here’s another adorable kitten photo:


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