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Warm & Fuzzy

It is so nice having a real oven. Some of you will recall me complaining repeatedly about our apartment-sized stove in the old place…well, that’s all better now.

The burners are large enough for me to fit any of my pans up there.
I can make 2 pans of cookies at once (provided I rotate the positions of them for even baking!)
I may actually be able to roast a turkey or something now.

And as soon as we get 2 of the burners fixed (because, well, of course there’s something wrong…), I can use multiple burners at once! A whole new world of culinary possibilities has been opened up to us, and I’m super excited.

(Excuse me a moment…Stormaggedon just decided to knock a rather large pile of papers and miscellany onto the floor for no apparent reason other than she wanted to play with the piece on the bottom…)

So, to celebrate the functionality of the stove in the new apartment, I’d like to share with you the brownie recipe which was the first thing baked in the oven.

It’s a doctored recipe from The New Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook which I call my Junebug Brownies. For simplicity’s sake on my part, and giving credit where credit is due, I’m going to link you to the original recipe.

Now, before you pop all that deliciousness in the oven, mix in ½ cup of pecan halves and 1 ½ cups coconut flakes. A half cup of mini chocolate chips is an optional extra, and makes it little extra gooey. Bake as directed.

I took these to a potluck and they went so fast and got so many compliments, I think it’s been my biggest hit yet of anything I’ve made and shared! Just be sure that if you do make and take, let everyone know there is a potential allergen concern with the pecans. I have a dear friend who is deathly allergic to tree nuts, and you can never be too careful about those things.


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