Writings from my little corner of modern domesticity.

My Kingdom for Some Bookshelves!

GAAAAH! *Ahem* Sorry for that little outburst…but this lack of bookshelves is driving me crazy. If we can just get two, six-foot-tall, 5-shelf bookcases, we’ll have ample storage for what’s waiting for them, and some space for decorative items as well (which are now taking up a box, or scattered haphazardly atop the mantle- though the mantle arrangement is starting to grow on me some…).

But despite hitting nearly every garage sale in the area for the last four weekends or so, we have found exactly zero bookshelves even remotely suitable. As for bookshelves at all, all we’ve found have been too short, glass-shelved (NOT happening with cats!), and/or in such shoddy condition that I’d be nervous about them holding up to a stack of paper. Craigslist has been equally useless. It seems we’re just going to have to get a pair from Meijer (since the ones everywhere else are about 6 inches too wide) once I get an actual paycheck. (The pitfalls of working in a seasonal business and whatnot).


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