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Monthly Archives: July, 2012

Something, Something, on the Walls

Found a new challenge of our new space: wall art. Well, not so much that it’s a new challenge as it hadn’t occurred to me before, really. We have a collection of posters (framed decently) and some self-assembled art from our dorms and the Spartan Village apartment, but, well…most of it is Magic: the Gathering …

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Guess What We Got!

That’s right- bookshelves! My wonderful mother-in-law bought us a pair of bookshelves (must have gotten sick of hearing me whine about it, haha!), and they are now standing proudly in place, waiting to be filled. I put them together Tuesday and Wednesday nights with the help of Stormaggedon, seen on the right shelf there. I …

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One Room at a Time

It’s an odd thing, but I must say that right now, the part of the apartment I’m most satisfied with is our fridge. Not necessarily the inside; things haven’t quite settled in there just yet. But the outside is, I think, well-organized and cheery-looking (photos to follow later when I am less embarrassed about the …

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Saving Your Sale From Sucking: A Buyer’s Rant

  Garage sales. Most people have been to at least a few in their lives, and almost as many have held at least one. We’ve been to a lot in the last month or so, and we’ve noticed a lot of things- both good and bad. So I thought I’d do a bit of a …

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My Kingdom for Some Bookshelves!

GAAAAH! *Ahem* Sorry for that little outburst…but this lack of bookshelves is driving me crazy. If we can just get two, six-foot-tall, 5-shelf bookcases, we’ll have ample storage for what’s waiting for them, and some space for decorative items as well (which are now taking up a box, or scattered haphazardly atop the mantle- though …

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Warm & Fuzzy

It is so nice having a real oven. Some of you will recall me complaining repeatedly about our apartment-sized stove in the old place…well, that’s all better now. The burners are large enough for me to fit any of my pans up there. I can make 2 pans of cookies at once (provided I rotate …

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