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To continue with the plant theme of the Transplanting post…

Welcome back to Stardust. Some of you who stopped by between the Transplanting post and now may have seen the new look already. I must say, it’s much better than I’d anticipated a tweaked theme to come out- a little color adjustment, a photo of mine for the top banner again, and voila- a brighter, better Stardust.

But enough about our new coat of paint…Things are settling down at the new Starski residence- most of the boxes have gotten unpacked, the kitchen is 95% assembled, and a weekly schedule of cleaning and laundry is slowly coming together. There is still a sizable portion of chaos to be found in the apartment, however.

Part of the trouble is that we lost storage in the move. We had a lot of built-in storage in the Spartan Village place that we don’t here. The bedroom closet is significantly smaller, the bathroom cupboards all but vanished…and the cupboards in the kitchen, while very tall, give about half the stashing capabilities the previous kitchen gave.

The other part of the trouble is these two:

This is Veda (left) and Stormaggedon (right– I know, talk to Ryan!), the newest members of the Starski family and terror on four (eight?) legs. Vicious hunters of invisible beasties, intrepid fireplace climbers (no, really…straight up the bricks!), and master scatterers of paper, Veda and Stormaggedon have made certain that any organizational project I attempt to take up needs to be seen through start-to-finish all in one go, or they will undo any progress I may have made as soon as I step away from it.

There has been a lot of rearranging in the month we’ve been here, both of where we thought furniture was going and where we store things. One minor adjustment was what goes under the bed- with wall-to-wall carpet, the clearance from ground to frame isn’t quite what it was on the wood of Spartan Village, and some things just don’t fit anymore. Our books, formerly (mostly) at home between the bookcase and the shelves in that corner I hated (see this post) have now been crammed into the bookcase as closely as possible, with still a few more boxes to go. Our best estimate is that we now need two 24”-wide, 6’(ish) 5-shelf bookcases and one 3’-4’, 3’-wide bookcase or similar shelving space to complete our storage needs and get the place looking like we plan on staying. The two large shelves will go around the TV and hold more books, my craft supplies, the Magic: the Gathering stuff, and some miscellany, and the short one will go on the wall adjacent to the kitchen and hold file boxes and office supplies, and maybe some old school folders and the like, and that should empty the last of our boxes.

The one storage issue that has me completely flummoxed and just a little distressed is the lack of space for my shoes. I know! Of all the problems…
I have those still in boxes neatly piled in the top of our bedroom closet, and some more frequently-worn pairs in the front closet, but my boots and a whole garbage bag full of loose shoes remain homeless. I need to get creative, and I’m gonna need some help. Lucky for me, there are fantastic blogs out there and a wealth of inspiration on Pinterest for me to draw from (when I can be online, that is). I’m sure I’ll figure something out. If you’ve got any suggestions, though…send them my way! Leave me a comment or send me a message, I’d love to hear from you.


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