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Kittens of Mass Destruction

One thing is certain: having kittens makes you much more cautious about what you leave lying where. Storm and Veda seem to find whatever will make the largest mess and play with it or play-fight right on top of it, ensuring its scattering.

Can’t even leave things on the table just yet, as we’re in the process of training them to stay off it.

But AGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH! I had all but forgotten this ADHD-embodied phase of a cat’s life…I told Stormaggedon yesterday I was going to beat the stripes off her if she climbed the fireplace one more time! (I won’t, of course- I’d never do that to an animal; I was venting)

My whole plan of waking up early and running or at least maintaining a consistent wake-up schedule has been derailed somewhat, too, by their maintenance of a separate sleep/play cycle. If we close them out of the room, they cry and slam themselves against the door to try and open it- if we leave it open, they have very little real interest in being in the bedroom except to use the bed as cover in their play-fights. So it’s either crying and slamming all night or jingling/running all night. Of course, Stormaggedon tries to make up for it by climbing on my chest and meowing in my face somewhere between 5:30 and 7:15am…

And then there’s things like this to worry about…though it seems, for now, kitten-turtle relations are both amicable and peaceful. For now.

I can understand better now how a person can make a full-time job out of just cleaning up after something tiny and destructive!


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  1. Nancy Svinicki

    Thank you for convincing me to adopt an adult for my first cat. As cute as they are, I think a kitten would drive me crazy.

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