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Last night in the Spartan Village apartment- and I have to say, I’m only a little sorry to see it go. Really, it’s more the attachment to the university and the part of the state I’ve lived my whole life in- where all the zip codes are 488XX -than to the apartment itself, or even the memories in it. Because, you see, I hate this apartment. Its only redeeming feature was its kitchen space.

And I love the new place! It’s going to be wonderful- we’re going to face some storage issues still, but it’s going to be much more manageable without the additional school stuff and the extra space. Plus, we can hang things without those stupid Command strips (which I love, don’t get me wrong- but they’re just not good enough for shelves for our gigantic collection of books!)

It’s also probably the last night for a while that I post “live”- right as I’ve written it out -we’re going without internet for a while, and I’ll probably be sketching out posts and publishing once a week when I borrow the mother-in-law’s internet during laundry (yeah, I know- but it’s a LOT cheaper than the $6 it’ll cost us for two small loads at the apartment complex).

So here’s some teaser photos of the apartment pre-Starski stuff to hold you over until A) there’s furniture in it and B) I can post again.

Gonna have a lot to post about, too, because with a new space comes new household challenges, and new opportunities to get creative and work through ’em. It’ll be fun, and you’ll want to come along!

I’ll tune back in as soon as I can- promise 🙂

Our balcony/porch- that’s going to be so full of plants it’s not even going to be funny.

The kitchen- luckily, those cupboards up top are nearly as tall as I am, but unfortunately, you’re looking at all the storage there is in that room.

Yes, that’s a fireplace on the other side of the main room. Wonderful, isnt’ it?

The windows in the main room- south- and east-facing for lots of lovely light in the day. My favorite! (with bonus husband- say hi, Ryan!)

Doorway out toward the entrance, bathroom, hall closet, and bedroom.


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  1. Starskim

    PS: I’m bringing a new look to the blog with me when I do come back…time for something a little lighter and brighter, I think.
    And make sure to follow me so you’re the first to know when I return ^_^

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