Writings from my little corner of modern domesticity.


Hello there…I’m Mandy. You may remember me from last month’s posts. I’ve got this blog here, and…

Yes, I’ve been gone a while. After saying I was going to be posting more often. Sorry about that- it’s just been utter chaos over here for, well, the last month. Let me catch you up a little.

For starters, I graduated on the 5th. Which meant that pretty much the last weeks of April were filled with final projects, papers, and exams in my classes at MSU. I now hold a Bachelor of Science in horticulture, with a concentration in horticultural science, and a Bachelor of Arts in physics, the ceremonies for which plunged my weekend into chaos as well. Add to that our lease on my student-only apartment’s subsequent termination on the 15th of this month, and you’ve got packing added into the mix of classes, job hunting, and coordinating two sides of a family (which we all know isn’t ever easy).

But now, I’ve got a little breathing room, since the list is down to just packing and job hunting. That’s more than I can say for the apartment, though:

That’s our living room and Ryan’s side of the bed, respectively. And while those aren’t the only places I’ve stashed boxes, they are the neatest for now (believe it or not). And yes, those are Wendy’s boxes- I worked at the one down the street and they’ve been kind enough to let me take boxes off their hands.

I’m glad I went and purged stuff before, because it’s saving me so much time now! There’s still some purging going on, but very little compared to what would’ve been if I hadn’t done some earlier. Donations to be made before we take off.

The new place is lovely, by the way. I’ll put up some photos before we start moving everything in, and after. Blue-grey walls, a balcony porch, a (sadly non-operational) fireplace, and south- and east-facing windows to let in lots of light. Even on the cloudy day we reserved it, it was well-lit and gorgeous. Has history, too- used to be the living quarters for the doctor at the hospital these apartments used to be. Very cool.

Well, back to packing. Still have about half the apartment to go, and five packing days left. Ta!


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