Writings from my little corner of modern domesticity.

Midnight Grocery Runs

Is it weird I like to go grocery shopping in the middle of the night? Probably- and it’s really probably only something I’ll get to continue doing while I’m in college. Mostly because there aren’t many grocery stores open 24 hours a day other than Meijer.

It’s just much less stressful to do it late at night- the store is less crowded, things have been restocked since the mad rush everyone made that day after work, and there are plenty of people in store uniforms around should you need help. Bonus materials include the occasional entertainment from other late-night shoppers and a distinct lack of children (not that I have a problem with children- it’s parents I can’t stand…if your kid can’t stay with you or at least not be in the way of other carts, don’t bring them during peak shopping times. Seriously.)

And since I’m a person who stops and does the math to make sure I’m grabbing the best price-per-ounce of whatever it is, I have the time to check as many freaking boxes of instant potatoes as I please, because there’s no fat lady with four children and a cart full of groceries clearing her throat at me while said children run screaming up and down the aisle. This applies also to the checking of nutritional information, because we do what we can to keep HFCS and excess sodium (to name a couple things) out of our diets. For things denoted in grams, etc. per serving and the serving sizes on all the boxes are different, this can take some time.

It’s also easier for me to get away with using the self-checkouts and not feeling like I’m getting stared down by the bored cashier who wishes I’d just let them check out my groceries instead. It’s…kind of a compulsion of mine; I just don’t like them handling my groceries, and I like them bagged certain ways. I get all heeby-jeeby when someone else packs my groceries up unless it’s Ryan or one of my friends helping out. I especially hate when I go to a grocery store that doesn’t have self-checkouts at all…It just…ugh!

But anyway…before it gets too late (I do still have class, though there’s only 2.5 weeks of it left…) I do need to make a grocery trip tonight. Ta!


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