Writings from my little corner of modern domesticity.

The One

I have found the house I want to grow old in.

And we’re lucky- it’s for sale, and for cheap.We just need to look good enough to a bank and make sure we can actually pay for it for as much of the mortgage as we can plan for (Michigan being how it is and all), and it can be ours. Which I want desperately.

Seriously- I have never been so in love with a building. 3740 square feet, 4 bedrooms (which is, in case you’ve been paying attention, precisely how many we need), 3 full bathrooms, bay window…and still in-district for Ryan.

I have the garden planned, front and back. I have paint combinations in mind. I even know where we’d put the litter boxes.

Which brings me to another point. I know I said I wasn’t going to pick a kitten out of the first litter I laid eyes on, but indeed I have. Or rather, she picked me.

Easter evening, we went to my aunt’s to look at a litter born to one of her cats on March 29th. Six assorted kittens, and there never was a cuter mix. Mom is gorgeous, too- a beautiful gold-tabby-patched kitty with gold eyes to match. I just may take her, too, someday.
Anyway…I sit down on the floor of the bedroom near the closet where they are nesting, and there they are- tiny and mewing in a pile of cute that would make a giggling baby look like a pile of dog crap. Mom left to get food- poor thing can barely keep up with the kids’ demand -and they started wandering a bit.

One of them toddled her way out of the pile towards me, and looked right up at me. I wanted to cry- it was exactly like Wisk did when we first met, and I knew. There would be no other kitten. It was that tiny calico from that moment on.
Sure, I looked at the other kittens- even picked up the little blonde-and-white patchy one, and the tortie-patched one, but I kept going back to the little calico. Ryan seems to have been smitten as well, but by the adventurous little tabby who followed his/her sister (I’m assuming, since calico males are rather rare due to how color inherits in cats- they’re a little young to sex just yet) out of the pile and into our hearts. So we are getting a pair- and I haven’t been so happy since before Wisk left.

They’ll be “done” mid/late May, after we should have settled in from the move (hopefully to that gorgeous house!) and they’ve been weaned and litter trained. But we’ll be going back for a visit or two in between now and then- who knows, we may end up with another of the siblings!

I’ll be taking name suggestions after we know whether they’re boys or girls for sure, but I’m usually pretty good at names, so I might not even need them after all. Makes a fun distraction from just waiting for them to grow up, though, doesn’t it?

Here, a slightly blurry and dark photo (recall the closet) of the family:

The two on top are our new fur-babies. Ryan’s tabby is sitting on the tortie-patch, poor thing! Otherwise, left to right, there’s a ginger tabby, the blonde/white patched baby, the tabby and tortie-patch, my calico, and a blonde tabby. And of course, Mom, who by that time seemed to be getting sick of me taking pictures.

So excited to have a cat in my life again, even if I don’t get to snuggle them yet!


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