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Monthly Archives: April, 2012

Midnight Grocery Runs

Is it weird I like to go grocery shopping in the middle of the night? Probably- and it’s really probably only something I’ll get to continue doing while I’m in college. Mostly because there aren’t many grocery stores open 24 hours a day other than Meijer. It’s just much less stressful to do it late …

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The One

I have found the house I want to grow old in. And we’re lucky- it’s for sale, and for cheap.We just need to look good enough to a bank and make sure we can actually pay for it for as much of the mortgage as we can plan for (Michigan being how it is and …

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When Love Hurts

Many of my friends and family are unaware that I was in an abusive relationship prior to Ryan. He didn’t hit me, so there were no bruises to cover. He yelled at me, screamed for things I had nothing to do with. Made little digs that weren’t quite insults, but stung like they were. And …

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