Writings from my little corner of modern domesticity.

Spring Thievery

I just stole plants. Well, not really stole…more like reclaimed.

You see, last year, when I had a community garden plot, I planted some herbs which tend to be perennials. I was thinking about them while walking back from putting the laundry in, and I decided to go see if they had survived our unusually mild winter, and if they were green n’ growing again.

Sure enough, there they were. A veritable hedge of tiny thyme bushes, some self-seeded parsley and cilantro, and my sage-monster, all looking quite happy for the rain we’ve gotten recently. Then some notion of having my plants with me for years and the sage follow me through a couple moves wriggled its way into my head, and next thing I knew, I was digging in the tool chest for a trowel.

Technically, since I am not returning to the garden this year, they’re someone else’s plants now, but I never officially left the garden, and they haven’t reassigned plots yet, so…it’s legit, right? I put them there in the first place and all.

I only reclaimed thyme and part of the sage-monster…they’re more hardy and happy to be potted up than the tender little parsley and cilantro that was there.

Plus, the sage-monster is special. The sage I just divided and plant-napped was a division off of a plant I put in a garden a dear family of friends let me plant when I didn’t have garden space myself. Said sage plant grew to be monstrous- as sage will do -in the three or four years between when it went in the ground originally and when I took my division last spring. The division is now well on its way to being monstrous as well. I maintain a special fondness for the original sage-monster, and (silly as it is) stop and visit it anytime I’m out to that red house on a hill, and now I have a piece of it to take with me wherever I go.

I believe one of my professors once referred to this as “stealth agriculture”…the world is full of plant ninjas!


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