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The Great Closet Purge

With the help of two dear friends, I have accomplished what seemed to be the impossible. My wardrobe has been purged. Yes, I know- I’ve only been talking about doing it formonths now. But I finally figured out that having people over to help would commit me to it, as I would have the time set aside and other people to hold me to it.

I invited several of my fashionable and artistic friends to help, since a large part of purging includes deciding what’s ugly and what’s just not for me, and let’s face it- I have a hard time dressing myself sometimes. Ended up just being a couple of them, but with all the clothes everywhere, I don’t know that more than the three of us could have fit in the room anyway. So, wine glasses in hand (in vino, veritas– gotta be honest about what needs to go!) and trash bags at the ready, we went at it.

This was the closet we started with:

See how everything’s crammed in there? Yeah…it was worse than it looks in photos. They really don’t do it justice. I should have taken a photo of the giant mound of clothing that came out of there. Well, several smaller mounds, really…didn’t even have the space to bring it all out at once. Plus I dragged out the summer stuff from its storage, since that’s the season we’re heading into.

All of it was mercilessly sorted into four categories: keep, toss, repair (for things that just need a button replaced or a couple quick stitches), and donate. There was a large kitchen trash bag of things to toss which I had worn beyond anyone else wanting (I tend to do that…especially with my T-shirts), and an even larger bag of things to donate. We even went through my shoes again, and though most of them pained me to see them go (including all my ballerina flats…*sniffle*), it was necessary, and I know the donated ones will find good homes.

But this is what’s left to me:

Much fewer hangers on both sides, and though you can’t really tell, a few less shoe boxes (the big green box had four pairs in it, and there were more down on the shoe rack beneath the skirts that also left). I now own a mere 20 pairs, including my work shoes, galoshes, and snow boots. That’s about half of what I had a year ago.Oh, and the hangers you do see? That’s my entire wardrobe. Summer and winter seasons combined (minus jeans and shorts, which are kept on a hanging shelf and total 8 items between the two). Not a single thread left in a storage box.

What makes me nervous is how little it seems I have left for the warm weather:

Yeah…and that includes three things I can only wear over something else, and an “in case of cold” sweater. Guess it just means it’s time to go shopping! I need to replace a lot of my basics, which had been worn to death. Other than that, maybe one or two new tops, and I’ll be set.

I just need to avoid the problem now. Part of what happened is my bargain-sleuthing. I am an epic deal-finder; one of the ladies that came to help me still tells tales of my $1 sweater finds. And I would just snap them up left and right, until I had to go hunting for more hangers, and then for storage tubs. I now have 30 empty hangers with no clothes in boxes under the bed, where before I had none with half my tops put away.

There are some gaps which will need to be filled after The Great Purge, but there is no need to let my closet get the way it was again. I need to be smart and thrifty about my purchases, and be willing to spend a little more on things that will wear better and last longer, like getting polyester camis instead of cotton.

And to my darling Brittany and Katelyn- thank you so, so much for helping me out. You’re life savers, you really are- and I had a great time doing it. Even though you made me give away my shoes 🙂


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