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Monthly Archives: March, 2012

Will Clean Litter for Snuggles

In all honesty, probably the thing I’m most excited about with us getting a new place is that we’ll have pets again. Not that Elphie isn’t great company; but she’s not really quite as snuggly as her furry counterparts. Second to that is getting away from this freaking apartment, but that’s another rant. There’s just …

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Spring Thievery

I just stole plants. Well, not really stole…more like reclaimed. You see, last year, when I had a community garden plot, I planted some herbs which tend to be perennials. I was thinking about them while walking back from putting the laundry in, and I decided to go see if they had survived our unusually …

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The Great Closet Purge

With the help of two dear friends, I have accomplished what seemed to be the impossible. My wardrobe has been purged. Yes, I know- I’ve only been talking about doing it formonths now. But I finally figured out that having people over to help would commit me to it, as I would have the time …

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A Gardener Lost

Spring is making a blitz of a comeback here in Michigan, and I love it. The sunshine does nothing for my homework productivity or willingness to go to class, but that’s another story… It’s time for airing out the apartment- throwing open the windows and letting the breeze have its way with the dust and …

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A Life in Boxes

I’m in the process of sorting through the belongings my parents stored for me when Ryan and I got married and I moved out right now. I figured that since I haven’t seen most of the stuff in a couple of years now, I probably don’t need it. But I realize that there’s a lot …

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Happy Anniversary!

Yesterday was our second anniversary, and it got me to thinking about how we celebrate milestones and what we choose to celebrate as people. Obviously, a lot of these things are different between cultures and religions, and personal preference. I think celebrating the day you first drew breath makes sense, but some people really hate …

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