Writings from my little corner of modern domesticity.

Absence Makes the Hearth Grow Dustier

One of these days I will learn to clean the place up before disappearing for more than a day. Because it’s inevitable that upon returning home, I’ll wreck it unpacking anyway.

Ever notice that somehow, though, no matter how “decent” you think you left your home, it seems like a tornado went through when you open the door again several days later? Yeah…nothing says “Welcome home!” like “Hey, look what you should’ve vacuumed!” from the dustbunny tumbleweeds making their way out of the corners.

So this time, I am making a new rule for the Starski house: If we’re going to be gone more than overnight, we’re finishing packing the day before, and then the day of is just for cleaning up so we can return home to a nice, dustbunny-free zone. I understand that eventually, when we have teenagers, this will probably turn into “shut your door so Mom doesn’t see it when she first walks in,” but that’s tolerable.

I had to kind of waive the “I only wash what makes it into the hamper” rule, too, since it seems when I leave, Ryan forgets there’s a place for dirty laundry. Oh dear.


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