Writings from my little corner of modern domesticity.

Such a Waste

One of the things I hate most about being a student is having to waste beautiful days with homework. You know the ones- where the sunshine and the breezes are just right and the whole of the outdoors is begging you to be out in it. And they’re usually the ones where I get caught with an exam the next day or a pile of homework. Sometimes it’s because I put the work off in favor of previous beautiful days; other times, especially in the first weeks of spring’s coming, I just get caught because they’re one-in-a-dozen or so.

It makes me envious of the people who I see studying outside all the time. I know in theory, it’s possible; but I just can’t ever really manage it. I get distracted more easily, and I can’t be as comfortable for homework outdoors as in.

Ideally, I’d have liked a sunporch or somesuch for just that reason. I could throw open the windows and still work at a desk, and get the best of both worlds. But sadly, I’m not going to have ever had that chance for my undergraduate work. Ah well.

It’s another reason I’m glad I’m going into horticulture- working won’t cause me to waste those perfect days, because I can be out in them and be getting paid for it.

But today was a sad, sad waste; both on account of Wendy’s and the impending first exam for my physics capstone. I’m studying right now, actually- not too hard, though. Not sure just yet if that’s all confidence, or a mashup of confidence and disappointment. I’m thinking the procrastination/frequent breaks are more disappointment/disinterest-driven, but I could be wrong. Tomorrow will tell. It honestly doesn’t seem like there’s much difficult material to worry over, but then again, he said the average exam grade was about 55%…and while I like to consider myself an above-average student, sometimes the exams get the better of me. I just don’t have a mind for equations unless I hardcore sit down and purposefully memorize them. And this afternoon, I would have liked nothing better than to be puttering about in my non-existent yard, cleaning sticks from my non-existent garden or raking up leaves from the non-existent pathways. Unfortunately, these things (as stated) do not exist, and an exam requires my attention far too much for me to just go wander around in the sunshine. I would have compromised by opening the windows and cleaning the Windowsill of Shame, but I did that Friday, in celebration of having finally started to get well from being sick.

Being a student sucks sometimes!


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