Writings from my little corner of modern domesticity.

Cramped Crafting

Anybody else ever get on a crafty kick and find you don’t actually have the room to do anything you really want to do?

Story of my apartment. Seriously. I have a Magic: the Gathering deckbox that I’ve been wanting to cover in plastic rhinestones for the giggles, but I can’t really even get it going, because I don’t have the time to do it all in one go (plus, one side needs to dry before I can set it on that side and do another one). And I don’t have the space to leave everything spread out and waiting for my next sparkling session.

My (condensed/abbreviated) yarn stash is also exploding from its basket. The basket’s just too small. That’s the problem there- one can never have too much yarn!

I’m almost dreading the day I do really start sewing, because I won’t be stopping. And with a sewing habit comes a fabric stash, also…added to my yarn stash, my bead stash, my ribbon stash…

Makes me want to just get a house so I can have more space and I can augment my storage as needed rather than make do with whatever the apartment has/landlord will let us install.

Can not wait to get out of this place! I will get so much more accomplished when we do!

In other news…Spartan Nautilus (pics to come) is going along swimmingly ^^


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