Writings from my little corner of modern domesticity.

Welcome Back

My winter’s break has passed, along with the first week back to classes, and I know in there are several entries I’ve promised and not produced.

First: sorry about that. It is partly to blame on my having gotten Skyrim for Christmas, and entirely my fault.

Second, this brings me to the ever-popular topic of New Year’s Resolution. I made only one this year, breaking with my somewhat ADD tradition of three or more.

To finish what I start.

Simple, to the point, and exactly what I need. If you’ve noticed (and by now, surely, you have, if even only from that last entry of the 21 Day Challenge that’s still missing…), it’s kind of a problem I have. I start all sorts of things with intentions grand and simple, and yet don’t manage to finish all of them.

I mean, I have an apron pattern which has been cut out and pinned but left unsewn for a year or two now. That’s ridiculous. And that’s even a long list of projects away from the Christmas presents for friends I haven’t finished yet…

I didn’t finish my yarn-bomb, either. Partly due to a lack of yarn (seriously? What knitter has that problem?!).

But I’m gonna go big with this, too. The first thing on the list to finish is the bedroom closet. Sure, the 21 Day Challenge addressed it, and I know I’ve talked (whinned) about it before, but honestly, it seems every time I get in there to fix it, I run out of time and I end up making a bigger mess of it.

So starting this week, while the semester is still young, that is my mission. It’s going to end up taking up quite a lot of our precious space, as I am going to take everything out of it and sort, recategorize, re-bin, and reorganize every last dustbunny in that closet.Β  Honestly, that’s part of the reason I haven’t done that last Challenge entry; because you couldn’t see a flipping difference between the photos after I’d been in there.

The good news is that even with weekly homework in two classes, it seems the semester won’t be too taxing on my time, and I’ll be able to really give this resolution the time it’s going to need, because after the closet comes the crafts projects. Getting everything in-progress finished and everything with materials gathered done and out of the way.

And I’ll keep you posted. Really this time.


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