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Monthly Archives: January, 2012

Diagnosis: Annoying

This is going to be another somewhat “icky” post, involving medical stuff. You have all now been fairly warned. I’ll also apologize for somewhat of a “downer” post off-the-bat. Been going to various doctors’ appointments lately (which is so very, very irritating when you’re trying to fit it in between classes and work!) to find …

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Friday, Wonderful Friday

The one admirable thing about my fall class schedule is that I’m finished with class by 11:10 Friday mornings. Which means I have a great deal of a day to get things done left after. Starting with laundry. For whatever reason, I really hate doing laundry on Fridays. I don’t know what it is- maybe …

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We’re in the Paper!

Our friend Nyssa wrote an article for the Lansing City Pulse this last week on our advice for engaged couples/people considering marriage, and it’s great. Just thought I’d put it out there, since it’s such a cute photo of us and all 🙂

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Welcome Back

My winter’s break has passed, along with the first week back to classes, and I know in there are several entries I’ve promised and not produced. First: sorry about that. It is partly to blame on my having gotten Skyrim for Christmas, and entirely my fault. Second, this brings me to the ever-popular topic of …

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