Writings from my little corner of modern domesticity.

2011’s Last

New Year’s Eve, after 11 but before 12, and what am I doing? Baking at home while Ryan plays WoW. Opted for a quiet night at home rather than going out and getting into mischief.

Plus there’s the Coon family Christmas tomorrow, and I had cookies to bake!

2011 was one of those years where all of it was just…so much. Lots of really good and lots of really bad. It was a year of new, that’s for sure.

And I’m kissing it goodbye by baking another batch of eggnog cookies and my first attempt at meringues. They’re in the oven- the meringues, that is -as we speak, and will be my first cookie eaten of 2012. (I’m using this recipe- I didn’t plan on doing meringues at all tonight; they just kind of seemed like a good solution to the “What do I do with the leftover egg whites?” question from the eggnog cookies) If they go well, they’ll follow us to the gathering tomorrow.

I’m trying very hard to not usher the new year in in front of Skyrim, by the way…it has me thoroughly addicted at this point.

Geez, 2012 kind of snuck up on me- 45 minutes to go and I don’t even have any resolutions in mind. I’ll have to come up with some good ones and let you know when I figure them out.

I’ll also pop back in tomorrow to let you know how those cookies and meringues turned out 🙂

Happy New Year, everyone- and whether the world ends or not (teehee!), let’s live it like we’ll never have another one.


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